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Every Jew Deserves a Jewish Burial

NASCK was created to enable every Jew, regardless of affiliation or observance level, to have a proper Jewish burial and mourning period. We provide support and guidance to chevrei kadisha (burial societies), rabbis, and individuals on the laws and rituals of Jewish death and mourning.

From difficult questions about complicated taharos to helping individuals plan for their death or that of a loved one, we have the information you need.

Our resources for clergy, chevrei kadisha, and individuals offer step by step and in depth information and options that remove the uncertainty and guesswork from death and burial rites. Find information here: Resources & Education

NASCK is the sole organization dedicated to the importance of Kavod HaMeis and preparing proper Jewish burial, including assistance with Halachic Living Wills, Halachic Wills, Mourning and Burial Procedures and educating on the tragedy that is cremation.

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Who we are

Rabbi Elchonon Zohn

Founder & President, NASCK, Director of Queens Chevra Kadisha

Rabbi Zohn is a world renowned halachic expert in all matters of afterlife care. Rabbi Zohn’s expertise is sought out by rabbanim, chevros kadisha, crisis management organizations, and funeral and cemetery directors throughout the world to ensure the highest levels of kavod hameis.

Mrs. Yael Davidowitz

Director of Outreach and Project Last Kindness

Mrs. Davidowitz is a nurse, a chevra kadisha member, and an enthusiastic educator, with a passion for helping Jews. She has presented to audiences across the Jewish spectrum on the Torah view of the afterlife, the choice of burial versus cremation, and the beauty and importance of the Jewish approach to caring for the deceased.

Rabbi Jay Lyons

Florida Regional Director for NASCK

Rabbi Jay Lyons is the Florida Regional Director for NASCK, the National Association of Chevra Kadisha, and founding Director of South Florida Jewish Cemetery. In this capacity, he provides eye-opening and inspiring educational workshops on the Jewish view of body and soul, end-of-life issues, and perspectives on quality of life. Rabbi Lyons is an innovator who is strongly committed to advancing Jewish knowledge and connection across the life span.

Mrs. Robin Meyerson

West Coast Director

Mrs. Meyerson is a life coach, international speaker and an award-winning author of several books. Named One of the Tikkun Olam Top Ten Change Makers, Unsung Heroes, and Influencers, she brings Jews powerful joy, emunah and eternal bliss in this world and the next through Rabbi Nivin’s Chaburas, Project Inspire Arizona and The National Association of Chevra Kadisha. She is the creator of

Rabbinic Board

Rabbi Eytan Feiner
Rabbi Herschel Schachter
Rabbi Peretz Steinberg
Rabbi Herschel Welcher


Rabbi Elchonon Zohn
Richmond Hill, New York

Rabbi Kalman Baumann
Miami, Florida

Avi Laub
West Orange, New Jersey

Richard Miller
West Hempstead, New York

Tovah Kirschner
Cincinnati, Ohio

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