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Help educate the unaffiliated about the importance of kevurah k’halachah and combating
the painfully high rate of cremation, currently at 50% and rising, among Jews.

Supporting NASCK

Supporting NASCK

Your generous support of NASCK’s work is greatly appreciated. NASCK (The National Association of Chevra Kadisha) was founded in 1996 to assist chevros kadisha in defining, establishing, and achieving the highest degree of kavod hameis (respect for the deceased), as defined by Jewish law.

NASCK’s mission has since expanded to include the creation and advancement of programs promoting traditional Jewish end-of-life values across the US and Canada.


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non-profit cemetery in South
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Chevros Kadisha


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Vayechi awareness program


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Your generous support of NASCK advances chesed shel emes* throughout the world, every day, with programs that include:

    • Training and support for chevros kadisha (Jewish burial societies)
    • Shabbos Vayechi, an annual end-of-life preparedness event, which reaches over 100,000 people
    • Last Kindness, the only nationwide campaign dedicated to ending cremation among Jews
    • The South Florida Jewish Cemetery, our non-profit cemetery, committed to providing kevurah for all Jews
    • A 24-hour hotline for chevros kadisha, rabbis, healthcare professionals, and laypeople
    • and more

* Literally translated as “true kindness,” chesed shel emes refers to caring for the deceased, who can neither care for themselves nor reciprocate kindness done to them. Judaism values it as the highest, purest form of kindness.

NASCK is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization.

Tax ID: Association of Chevros KadishaDBA: National Association of Chevra Kadisha

EIN: 11-3364887

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