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Afterlife: The Jewish View



Afterlife: The Jewish View
by Jonathan Morgenstern and Rabbi Sholom Kamenetsky
Published by Mosaica Press

Have you ever wondered what happens after life?

Do souls live forever?

What does the future hold?

What is our task in the here and now?

These are only a few of the subjects discussed in Afterlife: A Jewish View. The main text, written by Jonathan Morgenstern and based on the teachings of Rabbi Sholom Kamenetsky, is a clear and inspirational description of the Jewish view on ideas such as life after death, the soul, and the future of the planet. In addition, Rabbi Kamenetsky has contributed fascinating extensive footnotes, a foreword, and selected the appendix contained herein.

Questions about the Afterlife, Paradise and Reincarnation have intrigued humanity since Creation.

Based on 3,000 years of tradition and scholarship, here is the Jewish answer.

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