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Aninus Card



The Aninus Card laminated trifold provides invaluable, at-a-glance halachic guidance to those facing end-of-life circumstances. The clearly presented material was carefully researched by erudite Torah scholars and then reviewed and approved by Rabbi Yaakov Forchheimer and Rabbi Shmuel Felder, senior poskim in Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ.

The Aninus Card includes the pertinent halachos in both Hebrew and English in a compact but clearly laid-out format. These include the halachos relating to the time of death and immediately afterward; halachos to be observed by close family members during the time between death and burial; and the halachos of aninus on Shabbos. Now, ignorance need no longer be a barrier to doing what is right – both for the deceased and the bereaved.

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