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Psalms for Recitation at the Chapel



The moments before a funeral service begins are uncomfortable. General conversation is inappropriate, but there is no formal structure for how this time should be spent.

Psalms for Recitation in the Chapel, first introduced in the Great Neck community, is an excellent way to bring merit to the neshama of the deceased and comfort to their family by utilizing these moments to recite Tehillim.

Our Psalms for Recitation in the Chapel booklet features:

  • Thirteen perakim of Tehillim, chosen especially for funerals
  • Clear, modern easy-to-read design
  • Meaningful translations that will engage non-Hebrew speakers
  • 8 1/2×11 format makes it unlikely to be taken inadvertently

We hope this publication will lead to enhanced kavod hameis, and make the experience of a funeral more meaningful for all who attend.

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