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May The Neshamah Have An Aliyah – Teachers Manual



May The Neshamah Have An Aliyah – Teachers Manual
By Robin Meyerson

Increase your students’ understanding of the Eternal Power of Torah Study, Tzedakah and Chessed with the innovative curriculum for Kindergarten through Twelfth- Grade Teachers.
• Bring the words of Parshas Vayechi to life, when Yaakov tells his children his final wishes. An opportunity to impart the message that our neshamos endure forever.
• Give students an understanding of Parshas Chayei Sarah when Avraham Avinu buys Me-eras Hamachpeliah for Sarah’s burial. Teach the lesson that the mitzvos we perform provide a powerful aliyah in Shamayim.
• Guide students practically on how to provide merit to the three bachurim killed by terrorists last summer, the kedoshim martyred in Har Nof, the French Jews, the Sassoon family or any departed loved one or member of your community.
• Engage children meaningfully during lessons on the Holocaust, Tisha B’Av and other fast days, or discussions about tragedy throughout Jewish history.

“A beautiful book. Very well done. You treat a difficult subject with sensitivity. I especially like the stories at the end.” – Mr. Avi Shuman, a classroom teacher for more than twenty- five years. Former National Director of Torah Umesorah’s S.E.E.D. program and nationally acclaimed author and speaker on numerous personal growth and parenting materials.

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